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Hearing Aid Batteries – important changes from 1st June

From June 2017, you will need a battery book in order to obtain hearing aid batteries.

How do I get a battery book?

• By sending your details to: Batteries, Audiology 3, Royal Berkshire Hospital, London Road, Reading, RG1 5AN
• Or emailing your name, date of birth/address with a subject ‘Battery Card’ to
• By attending the reception desk in Audiology 2, Royal Berkshire Hospital
• Collecting one at your next visit to the drop-in repairs and maintenance clinics

What are the benefits?

• The Battery Book will help ensure that batteries are reaching the right people. We have seen an increase in people requesting batteries to power privately-purchased hearing aids
• To ensure they reach you in optimum condition. Regular supply is helpful to avoid stockpiling of batteries. Few people know that keeping batteries for prolonged periods or in wrong conditions can increase the risk of faulty cells
• By adopting the Battery book, you can help preserve NHS battery provision in the community and sustainability of this service