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Private/non-NHS fees

In line with British Medical Association guidelines, the following non-NHS services are chargeable and subject to prepayment before the work is undertaken. Please allow two working weeks for such paperwork to be processed. (Prices subject to change – please ask for confirmation from reception):

Adoption/Fostering Forms
Adoption Form AH £73.85
Fostering forms paid by NHS

British Citizenship Application GPs are no longer allowed to sign naturalisation applications.

Any simple certificate Private – £30
More complicated certificate Private – £63

Private Consultations – £35

Copies of Medical Records
Copy of computer records only – Maximum £10
Copies of paper and computer records – Maximum £50

HGV Medical – £117
Racing Driver/Elderly/Taxi Fitness:
with medical – £75.00
report no examination – £40

Fitness to attend – Sports, school, university, etc
Full medical and report – £65
Report No examination – £30
Gym; fit to exercise – £30-63

Holiday cancellation insurance claim
Simple certificate – £30
More complicated certificate – £63

International certificate of vaccination – £15.50

Medical report/certificate with examination:
Insurance Only: Private: 30 minutes appointment in doctor’s own time (Please contact the practice secretary to arrange the medical) Insurance company usually pays.
Other: ( e.g. employment medical) up to £175.50. Reception arranges a 30 minute appointment. Patient pays at reception before medical.

Medical report with no examination e.g. for insurance, employer, solicitor
30 minutes – up to £133
15 minutes – up to £89.50

Mental capacity certificate
with examination – £79

Miscellaneous short letters
by patient request – £30 – for short letters, prices increase the longer the letter

Passport countersignature – GPs are no longer allowed to sign passport applications.

Private prescription – £14

Sick notes
Certificate of fact, private – £30
Complex certificates, private – £63

Sickness reports and records
Sickness/accident insurance examination and report, private – £175.50
Extract from records – £89.50

Fitness to travel certificate – £30
Cancellation certificate Holiday insurance – £30

Non-NHS letters or forms
In line with guidance from the British Medical Association, we are no longer processing requests for non-NHS letters or forms unless requested by the relevant authority; e.g. schools, housing associations. When requests are received from the relevant authority, we advise the charge for the work and once paid, provide the information.