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Patient Group

Your Views are Important to Us

The results of our 2014 patient survey is available online, using the following link:

Patient Survey 2014
We appreciate your time in completing this survey.

Please help us shape our services by giving us your views via the Contact page or why not join our virtual/online Patient Group?  We send paper copies of group communications for those that not have internet access.

About the Group

The practice is working with a group of patients who are willing to contribute some of their time to the development of the practice and its health services.

At the majority request of members, we have established a ‘virtual group’ rather than hold physical meetings at the surgery, in order to maximise participation and membership. Those that are not on e-mail will be send a paper version of these updates.

We also have a web forum for the group, which members are invited to join, so their views can be exchanged among the group, to come up with creative ideas on how to continuously improve our services.

Even though the group has started, we are especially keen to make sure that the group is fully representative of our patient population and therefore invite anyone with an interest to enquire about joining.

Please e-mail Mariana Sadowska the Practice Manager at Email Management  or send a letter for more information. We are happy for new members to come forward at any time.

Don’t hesitate to let us know your views and suggestions whether or not you want to join the group. You can email Mariana Sadowska at Email Management or speak to me in person or on the phone.

Patient Participation Group Report 2015
Patient Reference Group priorities and actions can be found here PPG report 2015.
Patient Reference Group demographics 2015
Key Priority Areas 2015

We welcome comments on this report or any other aspect of our service to Mariana Sadowska, Practice Manager via Email Management or by phone on 0118 958 2525.